Preschool Interview Questions

Questions to ask and topics to cover when interviewing preschools

The process of finding the right preschool for our son was way more involved and overwhelming than I expected. These are the preschool interview questions I found most helpful when interviewing potential preschools.

Questions for Potential Preschools


Preschool Name:


What are the class/program options (age range, days/times)?



What is the student to teacher ratio?

How big is the classroom space / how is classroom layout? How many students are typically in one classroom?

What is a typical day?

Experience and education level of teachers and aides? College educated?

What does the school supply and what are the parents expected to supply (ie: snacks, supplies, etc.)?


What is your expectation behavior-wise for this class coming into the school year (ie: sit still in circle time with little redirecting or still teaching them these skills)?

How does your program help with skill building? Such as sitting for circle time, transitioning in between different activities, building social skills with peers?

What skills should we expect our child to learn by the end of the year?

How would you handle [insert specific situation(s) where your child may struggle, such as social skills or transitions]?

Should my child struggle with a certain behavior, does your program have behavior plans?

Are there any behavior specials on site?


How does the school communicate with parents? Phone, email, app, other?

What sort of regular communication should we expect from the school?

How does the school communicate a problem or behavior issue?


Religious affiliation?

Food – what does school provide vs parents? Peanut-free facility?

Preschool enrollment can feel scary and overwhelming as a parent. I hope these preschool interview questions are able to help guide you to the right place for your little one.

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