At-Home Activities

Activities and crafts to do with at home with the kiddos that are easy fun, easy, and not too messy from One Little Small.

  • Moon Dough Activity
    If you’re tired of play-doh, but not up for slime, try moon dough. It’s more malleable than play-doh, but not quite as sticky as slime. And conditioner is one of the main ingredients, making it easy to wash out of your kid’s hair.
  • 5 Activities When Your Kid is Home Sick
    If you’re anything like our family, your kid has been home sick and miserable a lot this year. So I put together 5 easy, low-key activities to do with your kids when they’re on the mend, but not ready to go back to school.
  • St Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin
    Looking for an activity to keep your little leprechauns busy and out of trouble? Well, you’re in luck with this St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin.
  • 5 Easy Valentine’s Day Activities
    Looking to spend some koal-ty time doing activities with your kids? Here are 5 easy Valentine’s Day themed activities and crafts to do with your little ones this month.
  • How to Dye Rice
    Dyeing rice for a sensory bin is a great way to add some color to play time. Here are the supplies you’ll need and a step-by-step guide.
  • Snow Painting Sensory Bin
    Setting up a Snow Painting Sensory Bin is an easy way to enjoy the snow without the hassle of getting everyone ready to go outside. It’s the perfect snow day activity for toddlers and preschoolers alike!
  • 5 Easy Thanksgiving Activities
    Looking to gobble up some fun? Here are 5 easy turkey-themed activities and crafts to do with your little ones this Thanksgiving.
  • 5 Easy Halloween Activities
    Bummed about this lovely, rainy October weather? Here are 5 easy Halloween activities to keep your toddler or preschooler entertained at home.
  • Halloween Sensory Bin
    Looking for an easy Halloween activity? Look no further than this Halloween Sensory Bin! This sensory bin is easy to put together and will keep your kiddos entertained for hours.
  • Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Painting
    What’s more festive for the Fourth of July than fireworks? Here’s an activity to create some patriotic artwork with your little one this Independence Day.
  • Sidewalk Chalk Paint
    Looking for an easy, crafty activity to keep your kiddos occupied in the backyard? Look no further than sidewalk chalk paint.