Halloween Sensory Bin

Looking for an easy Halloween activity? Look no further than this Halloween Sensory Bin! This sensory bin is easy to put together and will keep your kiddos entertained for hours.

Most of the items for this sensory bin can be purchased at your local grocery or dollar store. But if you’d rather have it all shipped to your doorstep, check out the shopping links below.

Halloween Sensory Bin

Here’s what you’ll need for the Halloween Sensory Bin:

  • Large, shallow container
  • Fill (such as red lentils or dyed orange rice)
  • Assorted containers and scoops
  • Halloween / spooky items
Halloween Sensory Bin - One Little Small Blog
Enjoying the Halloween Sensory Bin

The Setup

For our family, I’ve found that the best easy sensory bins have four key elements: a big container with lid (for easy storage), fill (such as beans, dyed rice, water, bubbles, etc.), a variety of smaller scoops and container, and themed-trinkets.

For the Halloween Sensory Bin, I used my large, 28QT container as the base container. This container is great for sensory bins as it is large, but still shallow enough for little ones to use – plus it has a lid for easy storage.

Inside the bin, I used dried red lentils for the fill. Despite the name, red lentils are the perfect orange color for a spooky sensory bin. You could also use orange dyed rice for the fill.

For the smaller containers, I included some Halloween-themed items, such as a witch’s hat, mini pumpkin pail and black cat cup. Lastly, I threw in some spooky trinkets, such a spider rings, plastic bats and rats, eyeballs.

Halloween Sensory Bin - One Little Small Blog
Halloween Sensory Bin

Halloween Sensory Bin Supplies Shopping Links

Disclosure: One Little Small is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. The links in this post are affiliate links, meaning if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a small commission. I selected the products in this guide because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

You can pick up most of the supplies needed to make this Halloween sensory bin. But if you’d rather have everything arrive at your doorstep, you can use the shopping links below. I selected these items based on their similarity to the items I own and used for this sensory bin.

Sterilite 28qt Storage Bin - Halloween Sensory Bin

Sterilite 28QT Storage Box

Sensory Bin Container

A shallow, clear plastic container with a lid has worked best for our family when it comes to sensory bins. The Sterilite 28QT Storage Box is similar to the container we use at home. Having a lid is great – just pop it on for easy clean up.

Reis Red Lentil 5.5lbs - Halloween Sensory Bin

Reis Red Lentil

Red Lentil Fill

A bag of red lentils makes for the perfect fill for this Halloween sensory bin. Alternatively, you could take white rice and use food coloring to dye it to orange perfection.

Clear plastic tongs 6pk -Halloween Sensory Bin
Clear Plastic Tongs

Clear Plastic Tongs, 6pk

These plastic tongs are easy for little hands to grasp and helps them develop fine motor skills. Plus, the tongs are a fun tool to use in any sensory bin.

Clear Plastic Acrylic Scoops 12pc - Halloween Sensory Bin

Clear Plastic Acrylic Scoops 

Clear Plastic Acrylic Scoops, 12pc

Another way to amp up the fun with sensory bins is to add different types of scoops. These plastic scoops are easy for little hands to maneuver, but are different enough to pique their interest.

Black Mini Plastic Cauldron - Halloween Sensory Bin
Black Mini Plastic Cauldron

Mini Plastic Cauldrons

These cute little cauldrons make for a fun container for this spooky sensory bin. Plus they can double for a pot of gold for a St. Patrick’s Day bin in springtime.

Pumpkin Plastic Treat Pails - Halloween Sensory Bin
Pumpkin Plastic Treat Pails

Pumpkin Plastic Treat Pails

Another cute container option for this sensory bin are these little pumpkin pails. And there are so many fun ways to reuse these little pails when you’re done with this activity.

Halloween Spider Ring Set - Halloween Sensory Bin
Halloween Spider Ring Set

Halloween Spider Ring Set

Take your sensory bin up a notch with this Halloween spider ring set. This set includes spider rings, fancy spider rings bats, and skulls.

Plastic Halloween Eyeballs - Halloween Sensory Bin
Plastic Halloween Eyeballs

Plastic Halloween Eyeballs

Looking to add some creep factor to your sensory bin? Grab yourself a set of plastic eyeballs to toss in, along with those spider rings.

And that’s it – a simple setup for a sensory bin you can use all spooky-season long. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to creating a Halloween Sensory Bin for your kiddos. Just follow these steps for creating an awesome bin.