Graeter’s Kenwood Lil’ Pints Play Room

A sweet spot to play inside

As if getting ice cream couldn’t get any sweeter, the new Graeter’s Kenwood location now has a free ice cream themed play room for little kids to enjoy. Located at the corner of Montgomery and Galbraith roads, this spot is the perfect place to grab a sweet treat while the kids run off some energy on a rainy afternoon.

Graeter’s Lil’ Pints Play Room

Graeter’s Lil’ Pints Play Room Highlights

  • It’s an adorable ice cream themed play room at Graeter’s new Kenwood store
  • Designated for kids age 9 & under
  • Has a large ice cream cone slide and two climbing areas
  • Smaller area for crawlers and younger kids
  • Several interactive features including puzzles and color-changing touch boards
Graeter's Kenwood Lil' Pints Play Room
Graeter’s Kenwood Lil’ Pints Play Room

Lil’ Pints Play Room

Opened in May 2021, the new Graeter’s Kenwood store features a Lil’ Pints Play Room. Only two other Graeter’s locations feature a play room as well. This play room is designated for kids ages 9 and under, and adult supervision is required.

The main attraction in the Lil’ Pints Play Room is the giant ice cream cone slide. To reach the top of the slide, climb up the incline rock wall or ramp ladder. The large platform at top of the slide is completely enclosed by a plexiglass fence, with a few interactive features along the side.

Below the slide area is a space for toddlers and crawlers. This area has a tiny ice cream cone slide and other features to crawl and climb on. To the side of this space is a built-in ice cream truck complete with pretend ice cream toys. To round out the Lil’ Pints Play Room, there’s a giant banana see saw and several wall-mounted interactive features, such as puzzles and color-changing touch boards.

Keep in mind

The Lil’ Pints Play Room is designated for kids 9 and under with adult supervision required. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone abides by the rules. On a busy afternoon this space can feel very chaotic, especially with older kids running around.

Socks are required. Head to the counter to purchase a pair for $1 if you forget yours.

No food is allowed in the play room, but there is a bar top with a view of the room just outside the play space. We will typically play first, then grab ice cream on our way out.

There are two party rooms attached to the Lil’ Pints Play Room that are available to rent. The restrooms are just outside the door to the play room.

So the next time you’re looking for the chance to eat your ice cream undisturbed, head over to the Graeter’s Kenwood store. Grab yourself a cone while the kiddos run around in the Lil’ Pints Play Room.

Graeter’s Kenwood store is located at 8167 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH 45236