5 Activities When Your Kid is Home Sick

It stinks seeing your kid sick and miserable. And if you’re anything like our family, your kid has been home sick and miserable a lot this year. So I put together 5 easy, low-key activities to do with your kids when they’re on the mend, but not ready to go back to school.

Easy Sensory Bin - One Little Small Blog

5 Activities When Your Kid is Home Sick

[ONE] Make a book

Coloring is a pretty low-key activity to do when your kiddo is feeling under the weather. Make it special by turning all their artwork into a book. Have your little artist make a special cover, then hole punch the side and tie string to create a book bind.

Making a book - One Little Small Blog
Making a book

[TWO] Do a Drive-In Movie – in the Living Room

This is one of my favorite “mom hacks”. Turn watching a ton of tv into an activity by setting up a “drive-in movie”. Use a box to make a “car” – and and if your kid is up for a low-key activity, have them help decorate. For a non-crafty version, bring the cozy coup (or similar vehicle toy) inside for the day. Or heck, you could even use a laundry basket with a few pillows to make it comfy. Then you’re ready for your drive-in movie marathon.

Drive-In Living Room Movie - 5 activities for sick kids - One Little Small Blog
Drive-In Living Room Movie

[THREE] Have a fun bath

Spending time in a steamy bathroom is generally good for a snotty nose. Make it fun by adding in glow sticks, pom poms, plastic block toys (like LEGO Duplos), or even a popsicle. And no need to wait until bedtime – you can do a fun bath at any time of day.  

[FOUR] Build a block city

You know when you get to the point where you’ve been home a few days and all the toys have been pulled out? This is the activity for then. Grab your roads rug or make roadways by drawing on a flattened box. Then use blocks, LEGOS, Magnatiles, and whatever else is already scattered around your house to erect buildings for your city.

Building a block city - One Little Small Blog
Building a block city

[FIVE] Easy sensory bin

I love an easy sensory bin because it’s great to be able to pull out our bin for something simple to do to pass the time. It’s also a simple activity to put on the floor that requires little energy but is still interesting and engaging. If you need ideas, I’ve got a whole list of easy sensory bins that typically take less than 10 minutes to setup and can easily be stored away.

Easy sensory bin - One Little Small Blog
Easy sensory bin

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