Otto Armleder Memorial Aquatic Sprayground

A classic sprayground with cool river views

Nestled along the riverfront in Yeatman’s Cove is one of Cincinnati’s best kept summertime secrets – the Otto Armleder Memorial Aquatic Sprayground. This sprayground is huge, there is no entry fee, and it is rarely super crowded. And its location gives it one advantage over others – a cool view of the Ohio River.

Unfortunately, as of May 2022, this sprayground will be closed for the 2022 season due to on-going maintenance issues.

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1000 Hands Every Child’s Playground at Sawyer Point

Hands down the best playground under a bridge

While you wouldn’t typically think to look for a playground under a bridge, the 1000 Hands Every Child’s Playground at Sawyer Point is one playground you don’t want to miss. Located under the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge, this steamboat-themed playground is not only great for kids of all ages, but was designed for kids of all abilities.

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