Urban Air Adventure Park Cincinnati

So much more than trampolines!

Located in Oakley, Urban Air Adventure Park Cincinnati boasts loads of trampolines, an indoor play structure, a warrior course with ball pit, a balance beam with foam block pit, climbing hill, and several ultimate attractions. It’s big, it’s open, and there’s a ton to do. If you want your kiddo to run around like crazy and come home tired, this is the spot. There are three different levels of attractions, and pass prices are based accordingly.

We have visited Urban Air for Jumperoo, a two hour session designated for children ages 2-5. During Jumperoo, all basic and most deluxe attractions are open. Essentially any attraction that does not require an attendant to operate is open during this session. These are the attractions highlighted in my Urban Air review.

Urban Air Adventure Park Review

Urban Air Adventure Park Cincinnati Highlights

  • 3 levels of attractions, but Deluxe level pass should be enough for younger kids
  • Loads of trampolines
  • Lots of other things to do if trampolines aren’t for you
  • New hours for summer, starting Memorial Day
  • Designated Jumperoo sessions for kids ages 2-5 during the school year
  • Covid-19 precautions (as of May 2021) include requiring guests who are observing to wear masks. You do not have to wear a mask while participating in jumping and playing. The mask policy is clearly outlined on several signs as you enter. Hand sanitizer also available throughout the space.
Trampolines Urban Air Cincinnati
Freestyle Jump Trampolines


There are SO many trampolines to choose from at Urban Air Cincinnati. First, you’ve got the freestyle jump – a big trampoline field made up of smaller rectangular trampolines, some that go up the side of the wall, and two that curve up to form a little hill in the center. This is where my child comes to run trampoline laps and it is awesome.

Next door is a single tumble track that is netted off for safety. Nearby are two basketball hoops on their own smaller tumble tracks. This is lots of fun if you’re awesome at air balls, like me.

There’s also a dodgeball trampoline area further to the back. This spot is great if your child enjoys running around, jumping and throwing things at the same time.

Indoor Play Structure

My kiddo loves a good indoor play structure, and the one at Urban Air Cincinnati does not disappoint! It is three stories tall, has two slides, several entry points, and lots of foam things to climb over or crawl under. This play structure pretty easy to navigate. I do not think it’s appropriate for an infant, but a young toddler can get around with a little bit of help. There are some Ultimate attractions that are attached to the play structure, but they cannot be accessed by a child through the structure on their own.

Do be aware that the big yellow slide goes REALLY fast. So if you have a smaller child, you’ll want them on your lap and not going down this slide on their own.

Warrior Course

In the center of Urban Air Cincinnati is the warrior course. It’s basically an obstacle course over a ball pit. There are four lanes with varying degrees of difficulty. While fun to try, I’ve found that most of the obstacles on this course are pretty hard! My toddler likes to try the different obstacles, but definitely cannot navigate the course on his own.

We do have lots of fun using this area as a ball pit. It is about 3 feet deep, so keep your eye on shorter kiddos!

Balance Beam

Between the trampolines and warrior course is the balance beam over a foam block pit. There are two large padded “swords” to use the beam as a battle spot, but these aren’t often used by younger kids.

Just like the warrior course, the main attraction for younger kids is what’s below. My son loves the big foam blocks – using them as building blocks instead of their intended use as padding.

Balance Beam Urban Air Cincinnati
Balance Beam and foam block pit

Climbing Hill

Way in the back is the climbing hill, which looks like a large, orange volcano with a big metal slide. The material of the climbing hill feels similar to a bounce house. There are ropes and climbing rocks along the sides, but it’s still fun to climb partway up and slide back down on your belly. This attraction is great for when you want to swap out running and jumping for climbing.

Ultimate Attractions

Ultimate Attractions Urban Air Cincinnati
Ultimate Attractions

The Ultimate Attractions include a ropes course, climbing wall, and other attractions that require you to be strapped into a harness by an attendant. We have not tried these because they are not open during the Jumperoo session and all have a minimum height requirement.

If your bigger kid is a bit of a dare devil, it would be worth it to upgrade to the Ultimate Attractions pass to try some of these out!


We loved going to Jumperoo this spring! We were there at least once a month to run off some steam. I really like how Jumperoo is designated for children ages 2-5, so I didn’t have to worry about my little guy getting knocked over by big kids. All basic and most deluxe attractions are open during this session, which is perfect for this age group. This includes the trampoline, indoor play structure, climbing hill, and warrior course with ball pit.

Jumperoo at Urban Air Cincinnati runs from 10:30am-12:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday during the school year. Although there are no Jumperoo sessions during the summer, it will return in the fall.

Bathrooms & Concessions

There are two family bathrooms along with men’s and women’s restrooms. There is also a full concession stand with plenty of tables and seating.

Hours & Pricing

Urban Air Cincinnati fall 2021 hours beginning August 15, 2021

  • Monday – Thursday: 4pm-8pm
  • Friday: 4pm-9pm
  • Saturday: 10am-9pm
  • Sunday: 10am-8pm

Jumperoo returns on August 24, 2021, and will take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30am to 12:30pm during the school year. Jumperoo is designated for children ages 2 to 5.

Passes are available per day or by month, and vary based on the level of attractions you select. A full pricing list can be found on Urban Air Cincinnati’s website. Special trampoline socks are required for all jumpers and can be purchased at the front desk.

Urban Air Cincinnati is located in Oakley at 3321 Alamo Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45209

Posted updated August 17, 2021. Originally published on June 3, 2021