Gorman Park

A great park in Sharonville for summer fun

Reopened in May 2022, Gorman Park in Sharonville is a great spot for summer fun with a new playground, a splash pad, picnic shelter, and more.

The playground and splash pad at Gorman Park Sharonville - Cincinnati Playgrounds - One Little Small Blog

Gorman Park


  • Good for ages 2 and up
  • There is a large splash pad on one side of the park and a large playground on the other
  • The playground consists of a large big kid jungle gym, smaller toddler jungle gym, and swings
  • The splash pad is open from 10am to 8pm during the summer 
  • There‚Äôs a large picnic shelter next to the splash pad with plenty of picnic tables, bathrooms and water fountains 


The playground at Gorman Park is great for ages 2 and up. There is a large playground for bigger kids with different levels, slides, a rock wall, and ropes course. This part of the playground is nicely shaded.

The swings are located between the big kid playground and the toddler playground, and include an accessible swing and a two-seater swing.

The toddler playground is located closest to the parking lot, and is a smaller version of the big kid playground. It is not shaded, and was not as popular as the big kid playground during our visit. The playground has mulch throughout.

The toddler playground at Gorman Park Sharonville - Cincinnati Playgrounds - One Little Small Blog
The toddler playground

I found that the playground complimented the splash pad well, however, I personally wouldn’t visit this park only for the playground if I wasn’t nearby.

The Splash Pad

The splash pad at Gorman Park is huge, and can accommodate a lot of kids. There are a variety of sprayers, and a large dump bucket in the center. It is easy to see the entire splash pad from one of the many nearby benches, as well as from the large picnic shelter behind it.

Gorman Park splash pad is open from 10am to 8pm from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. To activate the splash pad, press the Start button in the middle of the splash pad.

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Other Features

I really liked the large picnic shelter, located behind the splash pad. It has plenty of picnic tables, bathrooms and water fountains. The nearby parking lot made it very convenient to get from the car to the splash pad and playground quickly. There is also a walking path around the perimeter of Gorman Park.

The Not So Greats

While Gorman Park has been beautifully updated, there were a few things about the playground that I didn’t love. The entire playground is mulch, and I personally prefer a solid surface or artificial turf ground. I also feel that mulch limits the playground from children who are still crawling or need a wheelchair to get around. The toddler playground did not have much shade, which isn’t great on a hot summer day. And while there there is a barrier between the toddler playground and the road, it’s always nice when a playground is fully fenced in.

Overall, Gorman Park in Sharonville is a really fun park to check out in the summer. Pack a lunch (or a snack!) so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy both the splash pad and the playground.

Gorman Park is located at 12153 Centerdale Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45246